Life Ain’t So Grand(bilt) for ‘Katy Keene’ in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

To paraphrase another blonde diva, Lacy’s Gloria Grandbilt need to be dazzling, she needs to be rainbow high. But instead of being Christian Dior’ed from her head to her toes, the Evita of department-store fabulousness is shopping a little closer to home.

In tonight’s Katy Keene, the musical comedy you need to be delighting in on a weekly basis, we get yet another example of why Katherine LaNasa is the show’s unsung gem. Tossing out bon mots and barbs like crumbs to pigeons in Central Park, the Imposters and Dynasty alum constantly kills us as Lacy’s ultra-glam personal-shopping doyenne and bosslady of aspiring designer Katy Keene (Lucy Hale). Since the pilot, which originally positioned her as a straight-up villain, LaNasa’s Gloria has softened just enough to become a reluctantly maternal ally for Katy while still busting stones over her off-duty antics and, in this amazing exchange, unfocused eye when it comes to her burgeoning collection.

“There’s no cohesion! You’re all over the map,” she bluntly states of Katy’s rack of outfits. “Who’s your client? A drag queen? Chloe Sevigny? A heart-obsessed toddler?” Like we said: She. Kills. Us.

But while this exclusive clip from the hour, entitled “A Song for a Winter’s Night,” is a hoot, there is also some major drama in the offing. With a polar vortex bearing down on New York City and Katy struggling to complete an outfit for Gloria’s event, tensions among her squad begin to run high, leading to some very interesting developments and and one wildly emotional discovery.

Of course, there is also a musical number that fits the story as perfectly as the look Katy finally gives Gloria…even if we never learn her measurements!

Katy Keene, Thursdays, 8/7c, The CW