‘Katy Keene’ Cast on ‘Riverdale’ Connections & Their Characters (PHOTOS)

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Katy Keene cast
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Katy Keene Lucy Hale
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Katy Keene (Lucy Hale)

“Katy in the Archie comics was described as the fashion ‘it girl,’ but within the show, I think at her core she’s a loyal friend who will do anything for them,” Hale says of her character Katy’s nature. “She is an inspiring designer, a very hard worker and she’s very optimistic — she sees the glass half full,” she adds. “It’s been very fun to play her and bring her to life.”

As for what fans of Riverdale can expect from the spinoff? “It’ll bring a little lightness and optimism to the dark and moody world of Riverdale,” Hale says. “I think that the fans of that show are so loyal and are so amazing, so I hope that they can learn to love our show just as much. I think ultimately they’ll really fall in love with the characters and the friendship between these characters.”

And consider New York City as part of the star roster, because its presence is like a character in and of itself. “New York is just as important a character as Katy or as Jorge, or as Pepper, or as Josie. So, the fact that we get to showcase how magical and amazing this city is is perfect,” Hale reveals.

Katy Keene Lucien Laviscount
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Alexander Cabot (Lucien Laviscount)

Connected to Josie, Alexander Cabot III “is the air of the Cabot dynasty who doesn’t really [care] for making more money because he thinks he’s got enough,” Laviscount says of his character. “He’s an artist himself and his passion and drive is to get his record label going and to find an artist to do that and that’s when he finds the beautiful Josie.”

“His battle is basically with his arch nemesis, which is his sister, who there’s also a love for as well,” Laviscount adds about the impending drama. As for the New York City-based action, Laviscount couldn’t be more excited. “I feel like I’m living in a movie,” the U.K. native jokes about the on-location filming.

Katy Keene Julia Chan
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Pepper Smith (Julia Chan)

“She’s a mixture of Holly Golightly meets Edie Sedgwick,” Chan says of her character Pepper who is friends with Katy. “She’s like a big name dropper,” she adds. Whether that’s a sign of things or people to come, Chan wouldn’t say.

Despite some of Pepper’s quirks, she remains a loyal and supportive pal to the group as Chan shares, “You see a real groundedness and a true chemistry between the four of them that is at the heart of the show. We need that counter balance between the theatricality and the music with the story, which is for young people trying to weather the beast that is New York.”

Katy Keene Zane Holtz
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K.O. Kelly (Zane Holtz)

“He’s an aspiring boxer,” Holtz says of his character K.O. who is Katy’s supportive boyfriend. “Right now he’s working as a bouncer, doing a little construction, just trying to make ends meet and work on his relationship with Katy.”

“He has his own goals and his own dreams, but he’s not going to step on anybody to make that happen,” Holtz adds. “He wants to support Katy, we’ll see. He’s involved with this extended group of friends and I think he truly comes from a place where he just wants to see his friends do well and he wants to help people.”

When it comes to the show’s Riverdale connection, Holtz says, “It’s a different genre but the level of storytelling is consistent. Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] and Michael [Grassi] are doing an amazing job with these scripts and it is still a spin and a take on those kind of traditional Archie Comics characters.”

Katy Keene Camille Hyde
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Alexandra Cabot (Camille Hyde)

“Alexandra’s the Senior Vice President of her family’s multi-million dollar media company,” Hyde says of Alexandra’s role in a dynasty she likens to the Rockefellers. “She is very strong minded — she is Queen Bee of this company and she is the twin sister of Alexander,” Hyde adds.

As Laviscount teased, Hyde adds there will be a “power struggle between the two siblings and that comes into their personal lives and their professional lives. So that’s where a lot of the drama will happen.” But that’s not the only dramatic part about Alexandra: Her clothes “are like none other,” Hyde teases of Alexandra’s fashion sense. “It’s both daring and classy. So I’m very, very lucky to play her because I get to wear some amazing clothes.”

Katy Keene Katherine LaNasa
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Gloria Grandbilt (Katherine LaNasa)

“Gloria is a little bit of a nemesis to Katie and a little bit of a mentor,” LaNasa says of her character who is Katy’s supervisor at Lacy’s Department Store. “I think she’s imperious and takes herself very seriously, which I find super funny.”

“I grew up in the ’70s so I read all the Archie Comics,” LaNasa shares of being part of The CW’s growing universe. “It’s really a fantasy for me. And I love that they’re trying to keep some of the iconography of the comic book throughout the series, and not only in the look of it but also in the way that the stories are told.” Consider us hooked.

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The CW’s latest entry to the Archie Comics Universe is more light and fluffy than dark and thrilling as Katy Keene moves the action from small-town Riverdale to the Big Apple — New York City.

Even with the connecting thread of common character Josie (Ashleigh Murray), there’s plenty of new faces to encounter including the titular Katy, played by Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale. Following the aspiring fashion legend, the series revolves around Katy and her friends Josie, Jorge Lopez/Ginger (Jonny Beauchamp) and Pepper Smith (Julia Chan).


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Ahead of the series premiere, we were able to catch up with a few of the stars at the Tribeca TV Festival this past fall where they opened up about their characters and what fans can expect. Click through the gallery above to meet the characters of Katy Keene in their own words and don’t miss the series when it debuts February 6 on The CW.

Katy Keene, Series Premiere, Thursday, February 6, 8/7c, The CW