Why You Should Binge ‘Luther’ Season 5 on Amazon Prime Video

Idris Elba Luther Season 5
Des Willie/BBCAmerica

“Your conscience has killed more people than I have,” psychopathic murderer Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson, The Affair) teases ethical but unorthodox London Detective Sergeant John Luther (Idris Elba, above) in Season 5 of British police drama Luther. Onscreen duos have never been more dangerously mismatched — or more madly compelling, for that matter.

The broad-shouldered copper and the cunning redhead, wrongly presumed drowned in Season 4 (which is already streaming on Prime Video along with the first three installments), met in the show’s 2010 debut. He investigated the gruesome shooting deaths of her parents and knew she was guilty but couldn’t prove it.

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For her part, Alice was so impressed with Luther that he became the only person she ever cared about. Remarkably, he began asking her — on the sly — for insight into cases, always aware she could just as easily slit him ear-to-ear as whisper into one.

This season, Alice’s affection for the intuitive detective makes him a target of someone she’s crossed: gang boss George Cornelius (Patrick Malahide, Game of Thrones). The lawman is also pursuing a classic Luther maniac: a man with a penchant for turning people into pincushions whose psychiatrist (Hermione Norris) is harboring awful secrets.

Ruth Wilson Idris Elba Luther Season 5

(Des Willie/BBCAmerica)

Frenetic chases through London’s tight spaces and industrial areas trap the characters in a gray maze. Not everyone makes it out alive.

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