‘The Letter for the King’s Tiuri Is ‘More Capable Than He Thinks’

The Letter for the King Netflix

Meet The Letter for the King‘s Tiuri (His Dark Materials‘ Amir Wilson), a young knight-in-training tasked with delivering a secret message to his king that could end thousands of years of war in this fantasy series based on a 1962 Dutch novel.

“Part of Tiuri’s journey is the discovery that he’s more capable than he thinks,” says executive producer Will Davies.

Mischief comes in the form of the devious mayor of Mistrinaut and his daughter, Lavinia (The Lord of the Rings’ Andy Serkis and real-life daughter Ruby).

The Letter for the King Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

“They will lie, steal and hoodwink anyone, including each other,” Davies says. Watch your back, Tiuri!

The Letter for the King, Series Premiere, Friday, March 20, Netflix