‘Better Call Saul’ Sneak Peek: Mike Is Haunted by Bad Memories (VIDEO)

Better Call Saul continues on Monday, March 2 and with it comes the long-awaited return of Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). But before the big reveal takes place, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the episode.

In a clip featuring everyone’s favorite fixer, Mike (Jonathan Banks) takes his worries to the local bar where he relives some unpleasant memories. As viewers will recall, in the previous episode, he lashed out at granddaughter Kaylee (Juliet Donenfeld) when she brought up her father — his son — who was killed in the line of duty by dirty cops.

Mike’s has never been known to be particularly upbeat, but he’s especially somber in this clip which sees him ask the bartender to remove a postcard from the back wall. “You wanna do something for me? Take it down,” he says pointing to the card which displays an image of the Sydney Opera House.

Confused, the bartender can’t understand the bizarre request, but the postcard holds significance for Mike. “I don’t know, Mike, customers send these in,” the bartender argues, uncertain of what to do. “It’s a tradition.”

Better Call Saul Season 4 Werner Mike

Werner and Mike in Better Call Saul Season 4 (Credit: AMC)

“Take it down,” is Mike’s simple but firm response. It’s been some time since Season 4 but the card is only exacerbating Mike’s bad mood which began when he learned about how Werner’s (Rainer Bock) — the former head builder for Gus’ (Giancarlo Esposito) lab — death was handled.

Disgusted, Mike had told the Los Pollos Hermanos proprietor that he didn’t want to work for him anymore. Even though Mike pulled the trigger on Werner in the desert, he had still grown close to the man and the postcard is a direct reference to one of their conversations that took place in the episode “Coushatt.”

At that happier time in Mike’s life, Werner had pointed to the photo behind the bar and mentioned that his father had been one of the builders who worked on the Sydney Opera House. Mike had been impressed by that and enjoyed talking about the German man’s history.

Now, that photo serves as a reminder to his dark deed of killing the man who had been his friend. Continuing to plead with the bartender, Mike eventually softens his tone when he says, “please.” Will his wish be granted or will Mike’s sour mood only get worse? Find out when Better Call Saul returns Monday.

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