‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: The Situation Walks Free — But Not Yet (RECAP)

What happened on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
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Reunited and it feels so good! The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back for the remainder of Season 3 and tonight, it kicks off with talk about Mike Sorrentino’s highly anticipated return from prison.

But before we get to Mike’s release — we get a brief rundown of what the cast has been doing while he’s been serving time: For starters, Deena Cortese welcomed a baby boy with husband Chris Buckner, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro went to a wellness retreat center, and Jenni “JWoww” Farley reminds us all that she’s still with her 24-year-old boyfriend, despite their issues.

The cast — sans Mike — reunites and finds out that their roommate will still be locked behind bars for a little bit longer, so they decide to take his wife Lauren bowling to get her mind off things. While bowling, Lauren dishes on how much weight Mike has lost since he’s been in jail and compares him to his 2009 self.


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*@DJPaulyD voice* GOD, I’VE MISSED YOU! 🤗 In celebration of our return this Jerzday, we’re giving you a special look at the premiere of #JSFamilyVacation!

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“I’m excited to see what Mike looks like because he has a six pack. He’s like the old Mike but not a f–king douchebag,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi says.

After getting a little too wild at the bowling alley thanks to some alcohol, the group heads to a strip club because according to Vinny, “a twerking stripper solves most problems in life.” Deena is especially hilarious at the strip club as she literally walks up to each individual stripper and hands them a dollar bill like the sweet little mom that she is. But it’s Nicole who gets a little too drunk at the club and actually gets up on the pole and shows the dancers how it’s done.

Eventually, the crew heads back to Jenni’s house, where they’re staying, and Angelina and Vinny engage in their typical flirtatious banter. They start literally wrestling in bed together and something tells me Angelina’s fiancé Chris Larangeira wouldn’t be too pleased about this.

“Is this how you guys foreplay?” Pauly D asks. “Bro, you guys just have to just pound it out and get it over with.” Sigh.

The next day, still at Jenni’s house, the group tries to find more ways to pass the time without Mike. They end up spending time at the pool and the flirting between Angelina and Vinny continues. They decide to go head to head in a rap battle against one another, because why wouldn’t they? While the raps are entertaining to say the least, Vinny ends up spilling some tea with his rap and reveals that while they’re not filming, Angelina hits up his phone. Again, let’s hope Chris isn’t watching this.

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The ice cream man turns the corner and naturally they stock up on some treats — but forget to pay for them. Whoops. The ice cream man doesn’t take this mistake lightly and ends up pulling in JWoww’s driveway and honking the horn. When Deena and Angelina come out to pay the man, he starts yelling at them, saying that he wasn’t paid in full. Angelina, always being one to start drama, ends up taking the money and throwing it in the man’s face.

“This is like a scary movie. Like, you see the ice cream man, you’re so excited, and then he turns into like, a killer ice cream man,” Deena says.

When JWoww learns how the ice cream man spoke to Angelina and Deena, she walks outside to give him a piece of her mind. He quickly learns that he doesn’t want to deal with the wrath of JWoww and ends up leaving her driveway.

Later that night, the group heads to Teak for dinner and drinks. The group is surprised by how civil Angelina and Vinny are being together and end up moving their table away from them. Clearly, they were on a date and needed their alone time. They end up sending them a sparkling champagne bottle to their table to celebrate their love.


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Honeys, he’s [almost] home! 🙌 @lauren_sorrentino gets the call that @mikethesituation is being released on next Thursday’s premiere of #JSFamilyVacation.

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The next morning, we cut to the group finally leaving Jenni’s house and Lauren getting a phone call from Mike. “I’ve been waiting for this phone call for a long time,” she says, learning that it’s finally time to pick him up from prison after eight long months.

“I love you so much. We did it honey,” Mike says over the phone.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see Mike’s actual release from prison. So, until then!

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