Neil deGrasse Tyson Takes ‘Cosmos’ to ‘Possible Worlds’ on National Geographic

Cosmos Possible Worlds Nat Geo Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Cosmos, the globe’s most watched science program, orbits to National Geographic for 13 new episodes about the distant past, present and future of humanity.

This go-round, viewers once again join astrophysicist host Neil deGrasse Tyson (above) aboard the Ship of the Imagination, a state-of-the-art VFX creation that visits different “worlds” in each hourlong installment. Tonight’s back-to-back episodes of Cosmos: Possible Worlds show us the formation of our universe, then where earthlings might relocate in billions of years when changes in the sun make our home uninhabitable.

“In the ship, we can go anywhere in space and time and on any scale,” says Tyson. Indeed, stops include the quantum world inside an atom, the world of a pioneering geneticist, the world beneath our feet, and more — all realized with special effects, dramatic reenactments, and animation.

Despite our species’ puniness in the vastness of space, Tyson’s rooting for us. “The word possible in the subtitle is so hopeful,” he says. “It’s an appeal to harness science to shape a future that will make our descendants say, ‘Our ancestors did the right thing.'”

Cosmos Possible Worlds Ship of Imagination Concept Art

Concept art of host Neil deGrasse Tyson in the Ship of the Imagination (Ryan Church/Cosmos Studios)

Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Season Premiere, Monday, March 9, 9/8c, National Geographic