Coyote Peterson Brings the Animal Kingdom Up Close in 'Brave the Wild'

Animal Planet

Passionate about inspiring a whole new generation of animal enthusiasts, Coyote Peterson, travels to all new destinations around the globe to share incredible animal experiences with the most fascinating, bizarre, and iconic animals on earth in his all-new Animal Planet series, Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild, premiering Sunday, February 9.

In the new series, Coyote brings the animal kingdom up close for the next wave of explorers in an entertaining way, while promoting compassion and welfare for the natural world.

Together with wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa and his crew, Coyote shares their breathtaking adventures.

During the premiere season, Coyote travels to Australia's Devil Ark conservatory to reveal the history behind the critically endangered Tasmanian devil and discovers the manpower needed to conserve this species; to Brazil where Coyote encounters the Yacare Caiman, a cousin of the crocodile, and swims alongside the animal to study its perfect-predator behavior as jaguars lurk from the shoreline; and the swamplands of Texas to search for a giant legendary alligator snapping turtle known as Raphael, among other destinations.

Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild, Series Premiere, Sunday, February 9, 9/8c, Animal Planet