‘Love Island’: Which Season 6 Islander Are You? (QUIZ)

Love Island
©ITV Plc/Hulu

Love Island U.K. is back for a sixth season with a new host, new islanders, and a new villa, but the same mission as always: to find love. It’s still early days, as they say, but the new islanders have already made quite the impression on each other and their viewers.

As the brand new crew packed their bags and traveled to South Africa, they began to dream of finding their one true love — and getting some time in the sun, of course! From tall, dark, and handsome to charming and funny, everyone in the group brought something unique to the villa.

Anything can happen on Love Island, but which of your qualities would shine if you got your shot at love? Are you cheeky or a bit shy? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or like to play it cool? Find out which of our favorite islanders from Season 6 would “get on with you like a house on fire” with this quiz!

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