Cheers & Jeers: ‘The Bachelorette’s D-Bag, Carrie Underwood’s Awesomeness and ‘Homeland’s Wait


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Cheers to The Bachelorette for hanging Chad out to dry

He was jacked, perpetually eating and potentially dangerous. Yet week after week, JoJo kept handing out roses to the oily slab of man known as “the Chad Bear,” even after her other suitors blabbed about his threats of violence. So thank the reality-editing gods that the guy’s true colors finally became glaring enough for our girl to listen to two-on-one date mate Alex and send Chad packing. Now this just leaves us with skeezy Evan to hate.

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"Will you accept this rose?" "I am Chad Bear."

“I’d rather have a protein shake.”


Cheers150x150Cheers to CMT for reviving our Nashville dreams

How awesome is it that the channel that is literally devoted to country music television has picked up the television show about country music? Granted, we can’t imagine they will lock in the entire ABC cast (some of those folks are pricey) but if there is any chance of undoing the tragic end of Juliette Barnes, we’re there for it. And speaking of Country Music Television…

"Well if the show isn't dead, des that mean Juliette isn't either?"

“Well if the show isn’t dead, des that mean Juliette isn’t either?”


Cheers150x150Cheers to Carrie Underwood’s OMG moment at the CMT Awards

While the American Idol champ scored a pair of trophies at the annual shout-out show, it was viewers who were the biggest winners after Underwood hit the stage for a soaring performance of the domestic-violence revenge ditty “Church Bells.” Backed by a gospel choir we want to follow us everywhere and belting it out like the powerhouse she is, her “Bells” are still ringing in our ears.

Underwood rocked the CMTs

Underwood rocked the CMTs


Jeers150x150Jeers to The Mindy Project’s Missing Messina

As fun as the new season on Hulu has been and as happy as we are that Chris Messina is getting more film work, his absence as Danny Castellano is starting to show. Seriously, without Danny around, there’s a huge chance that something could actually happen between Mindy and Jody (Garrett Dillahunt), and that is so not OK.

The Mindy Project, Chris Messina, Mindy Kaling

Remember these two?


Jeers150x150Jeers to deception on a cellular level

The former “Can you hear me now?” guy from those Verizon ads is now hawking Sprint in commercials that imply that the provider still isn’t as good as the competition, but it’s good enough. Guess the paycheck was, too. Too bad the backpedaling has us wondering “Can we trust you now?”

Coming soon to AT&T?

Coming soon to AT&T?


Jeers150x150Jeers to Homeland’s Holdout

We’re not sure what the bigger stretch is: Showtime’s confidence this one has creative juice to warrant a two-season renewal, or the length of time they’re asking fans to wait for new episodes. Season 5 ended in December 2015 and Season 6 won’t begin until January 2017.


The wait killed him.