Donald Trump Stops By ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ for a Reading of His ‘New’ Children’s Book (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated Donald Trump’s visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night by treating the audience to a special reading of the new children’s book he “ghost wrote” for Trump: Donald Trump’s Winners Still Aren’t Losers, a sequel to Kimmel’s 2015 book for Trump “Winners Aren’t Losers.”

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The Dr. Suess inspired book includes lessons on how to debate, including “Say ‘Great!’ Nothing else! Never tell them your plans!” It also shows Trump’s “Insulta-Ma-Gulta-Ma-Gin,” an insult generator for any name — like “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crazy Bernie.”

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Trump goodnaturedly smiles throughout the reading, before joining in to read the very last line of the book, and to tell readers they’ll all be winners: “Like ME, Donald Trump!”

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