Friday the 13th is for Pussies on Shudder

Eric Isselee/123RF

Here kittty, kitty, kitty.

Forget what they say about black cats being bad luck. From Sabrina the Teenage Witch‘s Salem to Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman to Hocus Pocus‘ Binx, we all know that la chat noir is a badass. And now the streaming service Shudder is making it possible for pet lovers to find a purrfect new friend to love on the most ominous date of the year—Friday the 13th—via an online livestream.

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Folks can now go to the horror-movie streaming service’s Facebook page and waste the day watching a video feed of adoptable black and grey felines running around a tricked-out witch’s lair full of teeny ladders, pentagrams and attackable salt shakers.

And if you do wind up adopting one of the critters, just make sure you pick one that will be OK should you then decide to binge on Shudder’s ever-growing catalog of creepy flicks. Because honestly, some of the service’s titles are downright not right.