The 10 Most-Loved Cats on TV (PHOTOS)

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Cats - Snowball V - The Simpsons

Snowball V (The Simpsons)

Plenty of cats have come and gone on The Simpsons (RIP Snowball I, II, III, IV), and most of them have had distinct personalities and characteristics, despite having the same name. And so far, since inheriting Snowball V from Crazy Cat Lady, Lisa’s managed to keep the kitty alive…and away from any cars. V is also called Snowball II sometimes because of their identical looks.
Cats - Ferguson the Cat - New Girl
Jennifer Clasen/FOX

Ferguson (New Girl)

Winston (Lamorne Morris) may have started out trying to kill Ferguson to get back at the cheating Daisy (Brenda Song), but after adopting him, the rookie cop soon goes to extremes doting on his new furry friend.
Cats - Ser Pounce Game of Thrones

Ser Pounce (Game of Thrones)

The Starks may be loyal to their Direwolves, but Ser Pounce is the source of King Tommen’s (Dean-Charles Chapman) love. After Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) is assassinated in Season 4, his widow, Queen Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), gets into Tommen’s good graces when she admires his pet, Ser Pounce, which Joffrey once threatened to kill and turn into a meal.
Cats - SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH, Salem the Cat, 'Sabrina Nipping At Your Nose', (Season 4, aired 12/17/19
Courtesy of Everett

Salem Saberhagen (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

Salem seems like an ordinary black cat, but he’s 500-year-old witch cursed to spend 100 years as a witch’s familiar after trying to take over the world. But still being a talking cat (voiced by Nick Bakay), Salem often dispenses advice and uses his intelligence to continue carrying out his grand plans to dominate the world.
Cats - BoJack-211-Milk-Latte

Princess Carolyn (Bojack Horseman)

This pink Persian (voiced by Amy Sedaris) is often caught choosing between her professional life (as a talent agent) and personal life (especially with her on-and-off again equine beau, Bojack Horseman, voiced by Will Arnett).
Cats - GARFIELD: A TALE OF TWO KITTIES, Garfield, (voiced by Bill Murray), 2006, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century
Courtesy of Everett

Garfield (The Garfield Show)

The pessimistic and sardonic cat always loved teasing Odin the beagle and stirring up shenanigans for his owner, Jon Arbuckle, to resolve. But the orange tabby does have a soft spot for lasagna, sleep and his teddy bear, Pooky. Garfield may have started out as a comic strip by Jim Davis, but he soon became animated in several TV specials and series, including a French-American CGI version that's still on air.
Cats - Lord Tubbington - FOX's

Lord Tubbington (Glee)

With a name like Lord Tubbington, it’s no surprise that this gray cat is, well, overweight. Owned by Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris), Lord Tubbington first appeared on her web talk show, Fondue for Two, in Season 2 (with cameos until Season 6). He even had a few flings with two other cats, Mr. Puss (a Dalton Academy cat) and Lady Tubbington, owned by Sam (Chord Overstreet).
TOM AND JERRY: THE MOVIE, Tom, Jerry, 1993, (c)Miramax/courtesy Everett Collection
Courtesy of Everett

Tom (Tom and Jerry)

The contentious duo is in an endless cat-and-mouse game, with Tom always chasing (and failing to catch) Jerry. Despite being determined enough to go to any lengths to trap Jerry—including the use of weapons, poisons and explosives—he’s never a match for Jerry, whose equally violent methods always manage to stop (and maim) Tom.
Cats - THE BUGS AND TWEETY SHOW, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety,
Courtesy of Everett

Sylvester (Looney Tunes)

Also known as Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr. or Puddy Cat, this tuxedo cat is constantly trying to prove himself by going head-to-head with Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales and Hippety Hopper. But much like Tom chasing Jerry, Sylvester usually ends up on the losing side. His trademarks are his lisp and his catchphrase, “Sufferin’ Succotash!”
Cats - HEATHCLIFF, 1980-87
Courtesy of Everett

Heathcliff (Heathcliff)

Similar to Garfield, this funny feline got his start in a comic strip by George Gately, before debuting in two TV series. Healthcliff is full of life, often cracking jokes, pursuing female kitties and causing trouble in and out of the household. He’ll also do anything to get his hands on some fish and milk, including annoying the local fishmonger and milkman.
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TV may love its dogs, but plenty of cats also rule the air. In honor of National Cat Day (October 29), we’ve pulled together a list of mischievous cats and on television. And remember to share your favorite TV felines in the Comments area below.