What’s Worth Watching: ‘The Americans’, ‘Arrow’, ‘black-ish’ and more for Wednesday, April 27

The Americans, Allison Wright
Patrick Harbron/FX
THE AMERICANS -- "Travel Agents" Episode 407 (Airs, Wednesday, April 27, 10:00 pm/ep) -- Pictured: Alison Wright as Martha Hanson. CR: Patrick Harbron/FX

The Americans (10/9c, FX): Let’s start the Emmy campaign now for Alison Wright, so heartbreaking as Martha, the FBI secretary so cruelly seduced into spying for her “husband” Clark—who’s actually Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), although you could also call him “Misha.” With her secret now exposed, and her composure shattered, she’s in the wind as this emotionally suspenseful episode unfolds, with all sides seeking her: Philip and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) desperately needing her to stay calm for everyone’s sake, and the FBI—especially her boss, Frank Gaad (Richard Thomas), and Agent Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich)—trying to track down the traitor who was right under their nose. If she breaks under the pressure, who could blame her?

Arrow (8/7c, The CW): Team Arrow reels from the tragedy that recently befell their group—most notably Diggle (David Ramsey), who feels especially responsible; and Lance (Paul Blackthorne), who’s in deep denial, a condition inflamed by a possible Black Canary sighting in Star City.

black-ish (9:30/8:30c, ABC): Continuing a superb second season that often reflects the way things really are in American family life, Dre (Anthony Anderson) succumbs to worries of economic uncertainty when rumors circulate about layoffs at his firm, fretting about the blow to his pride (as well as his pocketbook) and his well-off family’s reputation.

Inside Wednesday TV: This season of CBS’s Survivor (8/7c) has been delivering one blindside after another. After Tai’s shocking move last week to not spare Scot from elimination at tribal council with their combined “Super-Immunity-Idol,” the fallout should be fierce. … Go behind the scenes of ABC’s The Goldbergs (8:30/7:30c) with an “80s Rewind” special that includes outtakes, bloopers and cast interviews. … So Maddie (Lennon Stella) has run away from home on ABC’s Nashville (10/9c) and is now seeking to emancipate herself legally from her talented and famous parents, Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton). You’d think they’d celebrate the chance to liberate themselves from this entitled brat. … MTV’s Catfish (10/9c) goes paranormal when Nev and Max are consulted by Kayla, after she’s contacted by a psychic who claims she can communicate with her dead father, who killed her mother. Sounds more like a case for Mulder and Scully.