5 Things to Know About Fox’s ‘Lego Masters’ Ahead of the Premiere

Lego Masters Fox
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

The bricks hit the fans when teams of Lego fanatics try to outbuild one another using nothing but the iconic Danish toy bricks in Lego Masters. Fittingly, this competition — an adaptation of a British hit — is hosted by Will Arnett, the voice of Batman for Lego’s animated movies.

“It’s such a natural extension of what I’ve been doing for 10 years,” he says. “Honestly, if I’d watched this show and seen somebody else doing it, I would have been bummed.” Check out a few fun facts.

According to the Lego Group’s Robert May, an exec producer, 3.5 million little pronged blocks can be found on set. During production, giant bucketfuls proved too alluring for Arnett, who admits, “As we’d start the day, I’d find myself absentmindedly running my hands [through the contents], like ‘What can I do with these?'”

There’s no shortage of color choices: These Legos come in 200-plus shades.

Lego Masters

(Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

More than 5,000 minifigures decorate a wall!

As for variety, May estimates contestants choose among more than 1,000 different elements, from flowers to headlight bulbs, wheels to the classic brick. Diehards, take note: “Some [pieces] we use are out of production,” he says.

Contestants dream big. The tallest build, from the finale, tops out at nearly 5 feet. That’s a lotta Legos, people.

Lego Masters, Series Premiere, Wednesday, February 5, 9/8c, Fox