Zachary Quinto Recalls a Life-Changing Car Accident on ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’ (VIDEO)

“It’s funny how our lives have pivotal moments that sometimes give us a little nudge and a little bit of courage to actually follow what you know is right but is scary and difficult sometimes,” Bear Grylls says in the season finale of his National Geographic series.

NOS4A2‘s Zachary Quinto joins the host this week for Running Wild With Bear Grylls, and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek and photo from their adventure through a dense Panamanian jungle.

When Quinto speaks of “learning how to survive from a young age,” Grylls relates that to fighting every day in his career and dealing with rejection. “You have to have a certain mentality going into it,” the actor allows, but adds, “there were factors in my life that led me to my journey as an actor that had nothing to do with acting or creativity.”

Watch the video above to see Quinto speaking of a bad car accident he was in as a teenager and how it affected him — and his future as an actor. Plus, check out a photo of the two discovering a crashed plane and foraging for supplies below.

(National Geographic/Ben Simms)

In the season finale of Running Wild, Bear Grylls and Quinto race the clock to cross the jungle before an impending storm makes landfall. Their adventure begins with a helicopter ride, but after they’re dropped off deep in the brush, they have to rely on a primitive navigation technique to reach the extraction point. Massive cliffs, steep ravines, an underground river cave, and an old crashed plane stand in their way.

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