‘Living with Funny’ Trailer Shows That Life With Comedians Is No Joke

Living With Funny Three-lationship

Living with Funny explores the frustrating, flirtatious, and yes, hysterical lives of five aspiring comedians, and the women who live with them. The new docu-series premieres tonight on Oxygen.

The trailer for Living with Funny introduces the comedians who take center stage, both on the show and, it seems, in their daily lives. It’s instantly clear that these funnymen are serious about their burgeoning careers. To the frustration of the women in their lives, this seems to mean that their partners don’t take anything else very seriously.

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Living with Funny stars Brandon T. Jackson and his girlfriend Denise Xavier, and DeRay Davis and his two girlfriends Coco and Caro (“We’re in a three-lationship!” the ladies laugh.) Also starring are Michael Blackson with his girlfriend Georgia Reign, Erik Rivera and wife Katie Rivera, and the notably single Adam Hunter.

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Making a life with professional comedians is obviously no joke, and the hyperactive intensity the guys bring to everyday life seems to both amuse and frustrate their partners.

“It’s like a bunch of 12-year-olds trapped in a bunch of 40-year-olds bodies,” one of Davis’s girlfriends comments.

Still, the couples, thruple, and singleton are committed to making their lives work. In tonight’s premiere episode of Living with Funny, called “Living with the Spotlight,” Oxygen teases that Brandon will struggle with concentrating on Denise, while Georgia tells Michael to teach his son the facts of life.

Living with Funny, Tuesdays, 9/8c, Oxygen