5 Mysteries Season 3 of ‘Westworld’ Might Explore

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Spoiler Alert

[WARNING: The following contains potential spoilers for Westworld Season 3.]

We’re a little less than a few months away from the Season 3 premiere of Westworld, but there’s been theorizing going on since the second season concluded way back in 2018. Granted, Westworld is a show that lends itself well to theories. On this show, time doesn’t run linearly, people aren’t who they appear to be, characters rise from the dead and one of the biggest twists to date was featured in a post-credits scene in the Season 2 finale.

All that topsy-turvy storytelling makes for good TV, but it also makes for plenty of things fans would like to see explained. What mysteries might this season delve into? What details might have already been unveiled? Let’s take a look.

1. The Man in Black’s past

Last season we learned about William’s marriage to Juliet, his rocky relationship with his daughter and that nasty ‘ol stain on his soul. In Season 3, it looks like we’ll be going back even further. An eagle-eyed Redditor put some pieces together and figured out an actress was cast for the role of the Man in Black’s mom — and she appears in the same episode as Jimmi Simpson’s stunt double, listed on IMDB. Coincidence? I think not! Might episode 6, whatever it’s called, be this season’s “Riddle of the Sphinx?”

2. Caleb’s backstory

Also filed under “interesting IMDB listings”: there’s an actor listed as “Young Caleb” for Season 3. Now, IMDB listings can be changed and updated by anyone, so perhaps this should be taken with a grain of salt. But if it’s accurate, this could imply we’ll be learning about Caleb’s past through flashbacks… and at one point in time at least, it appears he’s not a host. Whether or not he’ll become a host, who knows?


3. Is the “New World” really Futureworld?

One of the biggest theories floating around right now has to do with Futureworld, the setting for the 1976 sequel to Westworld. It’s totally possible — and a little mindblowing — to consider that Dolores has escaped Westworld only to unknowingly end up in another park. But what if the “real world” everyone is living in is just another park? Or, perhaps humans are unknowingly being controlled (by Incite?) in a similar manner to the way the hosts were controlled; that theory would be supported by the trailer released a few days ago.

4. The resurrection of Lee Sizemore?

Another interesting tidbit to glean from recent press releases is the fact that Simon Quarterman, the actor who played asshole-ish-writer-turned-decent-guy Lee Sizemore, is still listed as appearing in the new season. One would think if Sizemore was really and truly dead, Quarterman’s name wouldn’t be mentioned; after all, there’s been no mention of Ben Barnes or James Mardsen. That’s a pretty big spoiler for HBO to let slip in a press release, though, so it’s possible Quarterman might return only in flashbacks.

5. Dolores and the pearls

This’ll certainly be addressed in Season 3, but right now it’s one of the biggest mysteries. Whose consciousnesses did Dolores carry out of the park with her? It can’t be Teddy, because he was uploaded to the Valley Beyond. Angela is a possibility, and she’d been one of Dolores’ loyal followers, so that tracks. It’s darn near guaranteed that one of them was her father. One might have been Bernard, but she might not have needed a pearl to recreate him. Who else does that leave? It’d be interesting if she carried William’s data out with her; someone must have had enough information about him to make a host version, and Dolores might’ve started the process.

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