Mattie Lynn Breaux Reflects on Stepping Into the ‘Floribama Shore’ House


Those who watched Mattie Lynn Breaux on Party Down South or The Challenge know this Louisiana-born firecracker isn’t afraid to have a good time — and that’s the perfect quality to have when entering the lovable hot mess that is MTV’s Floribama Shore house.

Breaux adds a renewed energy to Season 3 of the reality series, which see the roommates venture from the steamy beaches of PCB to St. Pete, exploring new bars and hangouts for the summer. A few episodes into the bartender’s stay, and things are already heating up!

Here, the reality show vet breaks down all the craziness that’s happened so far.

When the opportunity came to be on Floribama Shore, did you have any trepidation about going back into this type of environment?

Mattie Lynn Breaux: I was a little hesitant because it wasn’t the normal cast I started reality TV with, which was Party Down South on CMT. I like taking risks, I like trying new things, so I definitely wanted to go in and have some fun. If anything I’m experienced in it, so I wanted to give that off to the new cast of Floribama Shore and just be myself and give a little guidance, as well.

You knew Gus from The Challenge, but what kind of expectations did you have entering the house? It seemed you were thrown right into the middle of everything when Gus and Jeremiah got into it.

When I met Gus on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, he was a little different. Going into The Challenge, he had a girlfriend. He was also a little bit shy. When I walked into this house, it was complete chaos. He and Jeremiah were fighting, he’s no longer with his girlfriend. It was a little different because I went in knowing Gus, and then I was also connecting with Jeremiah. I felt like, in some way, I was stuck in the middle. I also know what type of woman I am, and I just keep it real. That’s my goal throughout the whole situation.

How would you say the Floribama Shore experience compares to Party Down South and The Challenge?

It differs a little bit because I’m a little bit older now. I can no longer party like I used to with Party Down South. My hangovers take two days now. I’m trying to get used to the cast of Floribama Shore, where they are established and with a history with each other. There are relationships there.

There was a point early on where you got emotional and overwhelmed with everything happening in the house. Take me back to that night.

It is very overwhelming. I come into this house and haven’t filmed a show like that for three or four years. So going back in it I started questioning myself. I thought, “Is this something I really want to do again? Can I handle it?” A lot of them are a little bit younger than me. And of course I only knew Gus, but I didn’t want that to stop me. I’m glad everyone was there for me and listening to what I had to say. I must say I’m glad nobody gave me anymore Tito’s [Vodka].

You bonded with the girls on a trip to your home in Nashville and helped Nilsa deal with her feelings over the unexpected death of her friend. Did you see that as a turning point for you where you were fully initiated into the group?

That was such an incredible moment … In life, we’ve all experienced loss before. I think when she spoke that to me, that’s what I felt because I’ve lost people in my past. To know that she was supposed to be in the same place where he died and wasn’t there just made my heart sympathize with her. I just wanted her to know you don’t have to [feel] guilty and that I would help her get through this.

We all need people there for us through the hard times and the good times … I wanted to be that big sister to help [the cast] through the trials and tribulations. I think it was good for all of us girls because we didn’t get a chance to bond in the house with all the Gus and Jeremiah drama. Coming to Nashville enabled us to open up to one another and share stories and enjoy making the memories for Floribama Shore.

Speaking of good times, you seem to have made a connection with Jeremiah. Were you going into this show thinking something like that would happen?

Going into the house I didn’t expect to meet anyone or have any chemistry in the house. I’ve been single for so long I didn’t even know I had that … I’m open to new relationships and pretty much a go-with-the flow kind of gal. That kind of caught me off-guard, but I went in with an open mind and had some fun.

What do you think stands out about Floribama Shore ?

Just the backgrounds of everyone. With Party Down South, I feel like a lot of my cast had a lot in common. Five of us were from Louisiana, we all shared a lot of that similar background. With the Floribama Shore cast, you have a lot of different backgrounds, like with Jeremiah being homeschooled. Just little things that affect how people act and how they don’t. It’s just good to get to know people for who they really are. Having different backgrounds make it all the difference.

What can viewers expect for the rest of the season?

Jeremiah and I have a little bit of chemistry; you’ll see more of us. There are more fights, hookups, and a lot of laughter. Just enjoying the beach in St. Pete. It’s going to be a really good season.

If there is another season, would you return for it?

I’m always up for new adventures. We shall see.

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