‘Superstore’s Cast Teases Sandra’s Wedding, Dina’s Dad & More (VIDEO)

The Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour has pulled in some fan-favorite shows, including NBC’s Superstore.

Stars Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos and Kaliko Kauahi dropped by the TV Insider suite to discuss the second half of Season 5, including what’s next for their characters Jonah, Dina, Mateo and Sandra. Among the highlights? Sandra’s wedding to Jerry (Chris Grace).

In the video above, the group laughs about filming the momentous occasion, as well as tease the surfacing of Dina’s father who abandoned her, and more corporate hoopla.

“There’s a lot of really great stuff coming up,” Feldman says, “Both fun and adorable and sweet like [Sandra’s wedding], and we explore a lot of darker topics about corporate overlords and how acquisition feels like, and what’s happening in corporate America…. So… laughs.”

(Credit: TV Insider)

“Also, we get to meet Dina’s dad who abandoned her as a child,” Ash chimes in. “So again, the laughs keep coming.” As for Mateo? Santos says he has a new boyfriend that viewers will have to wait to meet.

Before things get too serious, Feldman adds that this season includes “nudity,” before Santos confirms, “We’re now called Nudey Store.”

They tease more of Sandra’s wedding, discuss on-set pranks, shopping in real-life superstores (did someone say Costco?), and much more. Check it out in the video interview above and don’t miss Superstore on NBC.

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