Kristen Bell & Ted Danson Describe Their ‘Good Place’ Characters’ Endings

The Good Place Series Finale Preview
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All good things must come to an end, even this quirky Emmy-nominated comedy about a group of strangers trying to earn their way into a Heaven-like utopia in the afterlife.

Will Kristen Bell’s former bad girl Eleanor and Ted Danson’s reformed demon Michael each get their version of a happy ending on The Good Place? We quizzed the actors (above) to find out.

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What has it been like trying not to reveal anything about the finale?

Ted Danson: The first season, I immediately told all my friends, like John Krasinski, the twist [that Eleanor and her new pals had actually been sent to the Bad Place, living in a neighborhood designed by Michael]. So I kind of learned my lesson and didn’t say anything this year.

Kristen Bell: It was actually easy to keep the finale a secret. It felt like such a special story that deserved a reveal with no spoilers. I think the lesson in the finale may be the biggest gift [creator] Michael Schur has ever given us.

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How did you react to the script?

Bell: I had the best and worst feeling: the worst because I was so sad the show was ending, but the best because I felt the ending was truly a worthy one.

Danson: I had a real lump in my throat. I think I might have been crying. It really felt to me like everyone’s character had the perfect emotional goodbye.

In one word, describe how the series ends for your character.

Bell: Completion.

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Danson: His dream come true.

What’s the most valuable thing the show has taught you about what it means to be a good person?

Danson: Just keep trying to be better. You’re not gonna succeed, but just keep trying.

Bell: Trying is really the only thing that matters. And also, life is short, so make the most of your relationships.

The Good Place Series Finale Eleanor Chidi

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What would your own personal Bad Place look like?

Bell: A place where napping is a punishable offense.

Danson: A cocktail party full of people I’ve met once or twice and whose names I can’t remember.

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