Golden Opportunities Are Cashed in Prospecting Series ‘Reclaimed’ (VIDEO)

Discovery Channel

Hidden treasure is scattered across the country waiting to be claimed, but it’s not buried out at sea or deep in the desert as most would think. Centuries-old mining claims today lay dormant all throughout the United States, with their potential riches in gold and other valuable minerals sitting right beneath the surface undisturbed.

In an all-new Discovery Channel series, Reclaimed, homesteaders who have purchased these mining claims for pennies on the dollar are quickly discovering their land is ripe with opportunity and are enlisting two experts to help turn things around. The series premieres on Thursday, January 9.

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Alex Charvat and Kevin Gilman, have learned the secret to owning some of America’s most valuable land.

They visit dormant mining claims to assess their current value and then negotiate for a share of the mine’s profit in exchange for improving the property. With their unique backgrounds in engineering, mountaineering, mining and forestry, Alex and Kevin help wannabe prospectors and desperate homesteaders resurrect these claims of land.

Gold prices are climbing at an unprecedented rate, and property owners from the mountains of Colorado to the desert of Arizona are cashing in on this golden opportunity.

Reclaimed, Series Premiere, Thursday, January 9, 9/8c, Discovery Channel