When Is Keiynan Lonsdale Bringing Wally West Back to ‘The Flash’?

Mixed Signals
Dean Buscher/The CW

You’d think with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” uniting nearly every corner of the DC television (and animation) universe, this would have been the perfect time for Kid Flash to race back home. After all, it was teased at The Flash‘s San Diego Comic-Con panel this summer that Keiynan Lonsdale‘s speedster character — who joined the Legends of Tomorrow briefly and has made sporadic pop-ins ever since leaving the show after Season 4 — would be returning this year. We all just assumed it would be because of Crisis.

Nope. TV Insider has learned that Lonsdale is set to rejoin the Speed Force for Season 6 Episode 14, after the ends of both Crisis and presumably the Bloodwork arc. And according to showrunner Eric Wallace, Wally has changed a bit since zipping off the canvas.

“After working on his inner life in Tibet, Wally West, aka Kid Flash, is back to help Team Flash against a familiar threat… but one with a very new face!” previews Wallace.

(Katie Yu/The CW)

“As always, it’s a real treat having our Flash family member Keiynan Lonsdale back to play the youthful speedster, but what’s different this time [is that] Wally has grown, along with his speedster abilities, too.”

Wallace goes on to promise that “this won’t be your same old Kid Flash making a reappearance,” adding that they have come up with “a fresher, more exciting direction for character as Wally — just like the rest of Team Flash — deals with a post-Crisis world.”

So who do we think this familiar-but-new-faced threat could be? Godspeed? Thawne? Maybe someone from one of the other Arrowverse shows? Share your theories below!

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