Adam Conover to Host Nickelodeon’s ‘The Crystal Maze’ — He Reveals What’s in Store

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Nickelodeon announced today that comedian and writer Adam Conover (Adam Ruins Everything) will host its new game show, The Crystal Maze.

A new U.S. version of the beloved U.K. hit is set to debut Friday, January 24 at 7/6c with Conover playing Maze Master as he guides one family team through various physical and mental challenges. The action takes place in an elaborate labyrinth divided into four immersive zones including Aztec, Eastern, and Industrial.

“As the Maze Master, the only thing that gives me greater joy than tormenting our adventurers with devious games is handing out giant cash prizes to the lucky few who manage to escape the challenges inside the crystal maze,” said Conover in a statement. “This show is the ultimate challenge for families, proving that you have to work together if you want to win, and that’s a fact.”

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“We are delighted to welcome Adam Conover into the Nickelodeon family as our first Maze Master. His wit, warmth and pizazz are the perfect attributes to guide families through the exhilarating adventure that is The Crystal Maze,” said Rob Bagshaw, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Unscripted Content.

Earlier this year, TV Insider caught up with Conover during a set visit in Bristol, England. In our chat, the host weighed in on how the series would be received by U.S. viewers, saying, “I think a really easy in for American audiences is escape rooms. People know escape rooms now. This is a series of interconnected, very physical, super fun escape rooms set in a fictional maze.

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“We’re in a labyrinth and we’re going from zone to zone, and game to game, winning crystals along the way. It’s really an escape room meets Double Dare in a way. And then it’s, of course, hosted by me, an ageless immortal maze master who is fabulously dressed,” Conover continued. (We can confirm the fabulous outfit, which at the time was a sparkly pink blazer and other brightly-colored garments).

The premiere episode will feature a Houston, Texas family as they tackle various challenges within the maze. Other families featured this season hail from Scottsdale, Arizona; Lake Forest, California; Eastvale, California; St. Augustine, Florida; Windermere, Florida; Chester, Virginia; Germantown, Tennessee; Carrollton, Texas and Wheaton, Illinois.

(Credit: Meaghan Darwish/TV Insider)

Elaborating on the concept introduced by Conover, these families will be led by their youngest member of the team, who will take on the role of captain. Each successful completion of an escape room-style challenge will result in the collection of a “time crystal” which allows the team five extra seconds in the final zone known as the Crystal Dome.

Once the first challenges are finished and crystals are collected, teams head to the iconic leg of the game with the Crystal Dome. Inside, air will be swirling sparkling paper as the family attempts to catch as much of it as possible before time runs out. Every challenge is timed and up to $25,000 is at stake for the grand prize.

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Currently a U.K. ratings hit, The Crystal Maze has been a family TV staple since the mid ’90s, with reboots, celebrity editions and an Australian version reigniting interest in the title.

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