Joy Behar is Ready to Grill Hillary Clinton on ‘The View’

Joy Behar, Hillary Clinton
Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images; Paras Griffin/WireImage
Joy Behar, Hillary Clinton

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will sit down with the women of ABC’s The View on Tuesday, April 5 but don’t assume it will be a softball lovefest, not even with the liberals on the panel. Cohost Joy Behar who is—no spoiler alert needed—a super staunch Democrat, says she will get tough with the former Secretary of State.

“I like Hillary and I like Bernie Sanders and whoever gets the nomination has my vote,” says Behar. “But the Bernie people say Hillary is just too bellicose and I want to ask her about that. She’s too much with the wars. That’s why I liked Rand Paul. He wasn’t looking to invade the next country.

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She also plans to grill Clinton about that likability issue. “I really don’t understand it myself,” Behar says. “I’ve known Hillary quite a long time. I mean, I’ve never been to her house for dinner but I’ve always found her amiable, yet she has a reputation for being the opposite. And it’s costing her! She needs to be more [personable] in the debates and still be serious. I want to know what she’s going to do about that.”

And, sorry Susan Sarandon, Behar isn’t worried that Sanders supporters will stay home on election day if Clinton gets the nomination. “I have faith Bernie will step up and tell his people to get out and vote for Hillary,” she says. “Bottom line, he’s a mensch.”