Tyler Hilton & Megan Park on ‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion in ‘A Christmas Wish’ (VIDEO)

A Christmas Wish - Tyler Hilton and Megan Park

The One Tree Hill reunions in Lifetime Christmas movies continue, and one of the stars of A Christmas Wish has revealed that she was almost part of the CW drama in its final season.

OTH stars Hilarie Burton and Tyler Hilton, who previously worked together on Christmas on the Bayou for Lifetime, star as Faith and Wyatt, friends who may get their own love story just in time for the holidays — depending on what happens as a result of Maddie (Megan Park) putting her request for her sister Faith to experience true love into their town’s wishing box.

Here, real-life spouses Hilton and Park preview the Christmas magic and love of A Christmas Wish — and reveal the role Park almost played on One Tree Hill.

How did both of you starring in this movie come about? Did one of you get the other involved?

Tyler Hilton: Yeah, she hooked me up.

Megan Park: Hilarie came to me and was like, “we should play sisters in this movie.” I was like, “literally, you don’t have to tell me anything more than that. I’m so down.” When Tyler and Hilarie had done their previous Christmas movie together, I’d been hanging out on set and got really close with her, so we were so excited for the opportunity to work together. I was so flattered she asked me.

Then she was like, “how would you feel about your husband playing my boyfriend in the movie?” I was like, “oh, yeah, that sounds awesome.” Then it’s really funny because she’s like, “And then Lee Norris is going to play your boyfriend.” Lee’s obviously someone else from One Tree Hill we know really well and is a close, close friend. It just felt so fun and so natural. We were all just stoked to get to be paid to hang out together basically.

Hilton: I love that me being in the movie was decided between the girls. It was really fun to see one of my best friends and my wife put this thing together and me secretly being like, “please put me in this. I want to be in this so bad.”

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What stood out about your characters?

Hilton: What’s cool about it right away is the script is really banter-y and really funny and natural. Hilarie and Megan have such a rapport in real life that they could go back and forth.

That’s what I like about mine too is they wrote it as not your typical guy who doesn’t have feelings or any kind of real toxic masculinity that has to be undone. It’s right away such a silly, open, fun, heartwarming part, even before the romance gets in. It lends itself to a lot of fun friendship moments. That’s how I relate to people that are my friends, guys or girls, and it’s how Megan and I first related to each other when we were first starting to date. It’s a really sweet, open way to be, and you don’t see a lot of characters like that.

Park: I agree. I was just excited because most of my scenes are with [Hilarie], and so I was looking forward to that. I play her younger, sarcastic, bratty sister, and I feel like that’s our vibe.

It was just a natural rapport and we just adore each other and really respect each other, and that’s at the heart of these characters. They’re sisters. Yes, they poke fun at each other but they ultimately love each other and really are there for each other. That just felt very authentic and easy to play and fun. Luckily the director was really cool with us obviously doing scripted takes but also just adding our own chemistry and flair to it as well. That’s always fun as an actor when you feel like you get to infuse a little bit of your own personality into something.

I actually didn’t have that many scenes with Tyler unfortunately. Our characters didn’t interact too much. But that was really fun too to get to do scenes with your husband and it’s just weird and fun and cool at the same time.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of Hilton and Park’s characters meeting:

Both of your characters are very important people in Faith’s life. How do they help her in different ways?

Park: As her sister, I can give her that sisterly truth and be there for all the guy drama. I see a side of her that maybe she doesn’t see herself.

Hilton: In Faith and my relationship, she takes the lead and she knows that and I’m just happy to be in her presence and help her out with whatever she needs and be her emotional support. There’s something so charming and special about Faith. She’s got so much heart and she cares about the kids in the school system. It’s hard for people to not just be enamored by her. She’s so selfless also. The character doesn’t ask for a lot herself. Everything she’s asking for is for the kids.


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15 years ago today, my first episode of OTH aired. Thank God I had my theme partner for life there to help me out, @hilarieburton. Hapily resigned to the fact that we’ll be on screen together til we’re 80. Swipe through to see our projects so far. Catch our latest on-screen party Thanksgiving day on Lifetime called “A Christmas Wish” featuring some brand new Tyler Christmas tunes. 👍🏼👍🏼🎄🎄 #ItsAWonderfulLifetime #AChristmasWish

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Wyatt really wants to support her in that, but ultimately, there’s part of him that wants to take care of her and be the one to look out for her while she’s looking out for everybody else. She sees that in him and that’s why ultimately, she’s convinced potentially ruining the friendship is worth taking the chance on. A little bit of Christmas romance.

Plus, Maddie has her own love story going on! Can you talk about that relationship?

Park: Obviously I’ve been in a committed relationship with some dude named Tyler Hilton for a long time, so I can relate to that. Lee is like a brother. I’ve known him for so long, too, so we already have a natural chemistry. That was really easy to play off of.

Hilton: I also love that Lee’s character is a musician. He plays more school counselors, which I play in the movie, and I usually play more musicians, and here in this movie, our wardrobe is totally reversed.

Speaking of the One Tree Hill stars, I feel like there was one after another.

Hilton: One Tree Hill was around for so long that it’s like one of those seven degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Every actor has either been on One Tree Hill or knows somebody that has. The One Tree Hill family just continues to expand. There’s some core people [who’ve] done a lot of projects together. We see each other at the fan conventions. Antwon Tanner, Colin Fickes, Barbara Alyn Woods, all these people are staples from the beginning on One Tree Hill. Then there’s people that have just ended up in our circle, like Megan.


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I’m in New Orleans filming a movie with some of my best friends and today we went on a gator tour and it all feels like a magical dream. I wish y’all could come hang cause we’re having illegal amounts of fun. 🐊

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Park: It’s so funny, too, because I don’t know if I’ve ever told anyone this, but I was supposed to be on One Tree Hill in the final season. They wrote in a part.

Hilton: Oh, that’s right!

Park: I was so excited to do it and then I was on another show at the time and they couldn’t work out the dates because the show I was filming was in LA and One Tree Hill filmed in Wilmington. I was so bummed because my storyline was going to be something to do with Tyler, ultimately.

Hilton: You were supposed to be some kind of manager at my show in the last couple episodes that was interested in me and going to sign me. I ended up telling the girl who played it, “you’re really cool, but the part was supposed to be my wife’s. I’m kind of bummed.”

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