‘Treadstone’s Stunt Coordinator Previews 2 Key Fights in Episode 8

Treadstone - Season 1
Jonathan Hession/USA Network

On the international thriller Treadstone, sleeper agents from around the globe are “woken” for top-secret missions that utilize skills they don’t remember learning. The actors, on the other hand, won’t forget the up to two months of combat and weapons training they did with the show’s stunt team before filming their first fights.

The man responsible for all key action sequences — like the one pictured, between agent John Bentley (Jeremy Irvine, left) and bad guy Pete Wilson (Joe Corrigall) in the November 26 episode — is Buster Reeves, the show’s stunt coordinator and second unit director.

He previews this week’s adrenaline rushes.

Tuesday, agent Doug McKenna (Brian J. Smith) tries to save a target and an elaborate fight ensues. How long did that take to film?

Buster Reeves: That was a very intense two full days of shooting. We choreographed it to be like two boxers fighting, but with guns. They each don’t want to let the other guy get a clean shot.

(Jonathan Hession/USA Network)

There’s also a brawl in a dance club with agent SoYun (Hyo Joo Han). What was the trick there?

We shot some of it in a nightclub in Budapest, then we flew to Seoul a few weeks later to film the wide shots of the club and the fight sequence on the dance floor. It’s always a challenge to film a sequence with so much technicality out of order and in multiple locations. You have to make sure it all ties together to look like one fluid scene.

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