Tamron Hall Teases Her Daytime Talk Show’s First Thanksgiving

Courtesy of Disney

What’s job one for a heartfelt new daytime talk show like Tamron Hall tackling its first Thanksgiving episode? Get a kitchen!

Luckily, veteran journalist Hall shoots in a studio that once housed foodie series The Chew. Producers restyled existing appliances to create a kitchen that complements Hall’s modern, colorful set — and her welcoming vibe.

“Thanksgiving [represents] what our show is about, bringing people together and building community on air,” says the onetime Today anchor, who welcomes a good friend, actress and singer Kelly Rowland, as a guest. “You want your holiday episode to be perfect, just like your Thanksgiving meal.”

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Hall once confessed to leaving the giblets in her turkey, so “perfect” is more like accessible and real. The new mom plans to incorporate recipes from the cooking demo into her first Thanksgiving with 7-month-old son Moses.

Plus, she’ll get an on-air assist from children connected to Common Threads, a nonprofit that helps under-resourced communities eat healthier. “Kids make for authentic segments,” Hall says of her sous chefs. “I’m excited!”

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