‘Prodigal Son’ Sneak Peek: What Do Bright & Paul Want From Each Other? (VIDEO)

Prodigal Son 108 clip Bright

“It was a hell of a camping trip,” and Bright (Tom Payne) may be about to learn some of what he can’t remember on Prodigal Son.

Monday’s episode picks up right where “Q&A” left off, with Bright talking to his father’s old friend, Paul (Michael Raymond-James). TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at the rest of that conversation on the landline in Martin’s (Michael Sheen) previously boarded-up room in the basement.

“I could never forget that night,” Paul says of the camping trip. Bright admits that he can’t remember chunks of time and asks if he knows why.

“Why were you delivered to me, Malcolm?” Paul wonders. “To help me or stop me?”

Watch the clip below to see what the newest serial killer in Bright’s life has to say next and how he thinks Martin feels about his son.

The Junkyard Killer case continues in “Family Friend,” which will explore Paul and his connections to Martin and Malcolm, showrunner Chris Fedak told TV Insider. “He knew [Bright] back in the day,” he explained.

“He’s trying to understand how Bright fits into his own goals and his past. It’s very much, especially in Episode 8, about them feeling each other out,” he continued. “There’s going to be some very big revelations in that episode, especially for what Bright remembers.”

“This is a camping trip that is a central part of Bright’s backstory that we’re really going to delve into and we’re not holding anything back,” showrunner Sam Sklaver added. “We’re telling the whole story, which is going to be very exciting going forward.”

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