Emily VanCamp Would ‘Absolutely Watch’ the ‘Revenge’ Reboot

Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Original Revenge star Emily VanCamp is harboring no vengeful feelings about ABC’s proposed reboot of the soapy 2011 drama. In fact, she’s pretty psyched for the return of a certain special someone.

“I can’t say who, but they’re bringing back a specific person, and I love that specific person. So, it’s exciting,” VanCamp tells TV Insider exclusively.

News broke this week that the show’s original creator Mike Kelley and How to Get Away With Murder executive producer Joe Fazzio are developing a sequel to Revenge for ABC. But VanCamp says she’s known about the new series for a while now.

“I heard about it from Mike and Joe, who are rebooting it, about a month ago,” she says. “I’m really happy for them! It’s exciting. That was such a special time in my life. I loved making that show and I think it’s just a great theme. We’ll see what happens. It’s very exciting!”

(Photo by Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

From 2011–2015, VanCamp starred in Revenge as Emily Thorne, a troubled young woman out to destroy a wealthy Hamptons family whose corruption destroyed her own family.

As VanCamp hinted, Kelley and Fazzio’s new version will focus on a Latinx character, the daughter of a biochemist, who is being guided by a familiar character from the show’s initial run. Together, they’ll try to bring down the pharmaceutical dynasty responsible for her mother’s death.

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An original character will guide the newest person out for revenge.

Like any reboot or revival, the new Revenge is sure to have a built-in audience of fans of the original. Plus one very enthusiastic alumnus: “I would absolutely watch that!” VanCamp says.