Who Killed [Spoiler]? Is Eddie Barrett’s Story Over on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’?

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 6 of NCIS: New Orleans, “Matthew 5:9.”]

NCIS: New Orleans said goodbye to one of its own in the November 5 episode, as the investigation into Cade’s murder continued. But just because the team caught the agent’s killer doesn’t mean the story’s over quite yet.

Though Pat confessed, he had an alibi, and Pride (Scott Bakula) and Lasalle (Lucas Black) followed him after he left the police station. Pat killed himself, and while Lasalle was checking out his place, a woman walked in — and ran upon seeing him. After Lasalle caught up to her, she identified herself as Pat’s girlfriend, Sue-Ann Hughes. She told Lasalle of a hunting cabin Pat took her to and directed him there.

Once they arrived at the cabin, in the middle of nowhere and appropriately creepy, Lasalle found blood on the floor and assumed he’d found the site of his brother’s murder. When someone joined them and started shooting, Lasalle protected Sue-Ann and took several bullets to his abdomen and right arm in doing so. The shooter escaped.

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Though Lasalle made it to the hospital alive and briefly woke up — “I missed you,” he said, “let’s go fishing, Cade” — he succumbed to his injuries and died.

Patton (Daryl Mitchell) looked into Sue-Ann and couldn’t find a connection to Pat. When Pride questioned her, a man identifying himself as her father, Eddie Barrett (Eddie Cahill), put an end to his questions, claiming Sue-Ann had an abusive ex-boyfriend and she had no idea who killed his agent.

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However, while performing the autopsy, Loretta (CCH Pounder) found DNA from Lasalle’s killer under his nails: Eddie’s. He didn’t have any children. But he did pay Sue-Ann’s $20,000 hospital bill in cash, meaning he was definitely connected to the opioid ring they took down. He had a lengthy arrest record for petty thefts and assault, the most recent of which landed him in prison for manslaughter. He served his full sentence, but he dropped off the map after his release three years prior.

He had to be living somewhere, and while Patton struggled to track him, Pride came up with a lead: He knew the hunting cabin where Eddie killed Lasalle was abandoned to have Sue-Ann lure him there, so he must have known the area. Patton found him and Sue-Ann on traffic cameras, and Pride and the team confronted the two in a diner.

Though the episode ended with Eddie arrested for Lasalle and Cade’s murders and production and trafficking of a Schedule I narcotic, that can’t be the end of Eddie Barrett’s story. It’s hard to imagine that NCIS: New Orleans only used Cahill for this, plus he signed on for a multi-episode arc this season.

Furthermore, there was enough foreshadowing in the scene in the diner to suggest that he and Pride will face off again. It was almost like Eddie was waiting for Pride. “Good for him,” he commented upon realizing he was there. “Is that all, Agent Pride?” Eddie asked as Pride began listing the charges, and he wasn’t at all concerned.


“I think this is what was always meant to be,” he commented, a few minutes later telling Sue-Ann to lower her gun because “this isn’t how this ends.”

How will Eddie return? What will happen between him and Pride when he does? And should we be worried about him killing another member of the team?

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