Will Lauren Cohan Be Back on ‘The Walking Dead’ Sooner Than We Thought?

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Fans of The Walking Dead may be losing Danai Gurira‘s Michonne in Season 10, but fans were thrilled to learn during New York Comic-Con that Lauren Cohan would be rejoining the cast as a series regular for Season 11.

Now, it would seem that her return could come sooner than Season 11 as showrunner Angela Kang revealed some insight during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“We may see her at some other point this season,” Kang shared, “but I don’t want to say too much about anything.”

Maggie Rhee last appeared in Season 9 when Cohan exited the show to work on Whiskey Cavalier for ABC. In the time since Cohan exited the show, her character departed the Hilltop and joined Georgie in an effort to contribute to community building.

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Now that Cohan’s no longer tied to the now-canceled Cavalier, she’s free to pop back into the Dead universe. “Maggie is a character that I’ve always loved writing for on the show,” Kang said. “She’s a character that I thought was just so much fun in the comic book.”

Cohan’s absence in the series has been acknowledged quite a few times through the characters mentioning Maggie, and that has been intentional, according to Kang. ” The idea that Maggie’s kind of out there in the world up to things and that they’re thinking about her has been seeded in for a while, she said.

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“So she’s definitely on our characters’ minds as they’re dealing with all this stuff going on and realizing that some of the people that are really capable and wonderful that they love are just out there and inaccessible to them at the moment.”

“We’ve been saying for a while that the goal was always to figure out when we can continue her story, and there were a lot of logistics that needed to be worked out. Maybe it felt like to fans nothing was happening and it was all lies. But behind the scenes there have been conversations all along,” Kang revealed.

Only time will tell if Cohan when and if she’ll appear in Season 10, but for fans who are excited to see her, there’s at least the promise of Season 11.

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