‘Madam Secretary’ Addresses Stevie & Blake’s Relationship After Finale Kiss

Killer Robots
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 3 of Madam Secretary, “Killer Robots.”]

At the end of Season 5, Blake (Erich Bergen) and Stevie (Wallis Currie Wood) kissed, leaving Madam Secretary fans wondering if a romantic relationship was in their future.

But the beginning of the final season made it clear that wasn’t happening; he set her up with one of his friends and he’s making big moves in his love life. They’ve very much fallen into the “good friendship” executive producer Barbara Hall told TV Insider she saw in their future after the Season 5 finale. And that has never been clearer than in “Killer Robots.”

As we learn through Senator Hanson’s (Wentworth Miller) line of inquiry, Blake and Stevie took a major donor’s private plane to Blake’s parents’ anniversary party in Martha’s Vineyard; they refunded Shelton Anderson (J. Tucker Smith) for the flight just days after he donated millions to Elizabeth’s (Téa Leoni) campaign. Blake insists neither he nor Stevie pressed him for that money. In fact, Stevie and Shelton weren’t exactly having heart-to-hearts; they were fighting about Elizabeth’s run for president and him calling her “sweetheart.”

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From those involved in the investigation into the campaign to those connected to another McCord.

But it’s through the flashbacks to that weekend one year ago that we see how Blake and Stevie have become “emotional booty call buddies.” In fact, they’re such good friends that he can ask her to attend that party with him as a favor after a disagreement with his on-again boyfriend, Trevor (Rob Hartrampf). They’d been back together for seven months, and Blake was looking to their future. But his proposal that they move in together wasn’t what Trevor had been hoping to hear. And if it took him that long to come up with an economic reason to live together, he knew they were far from getting married. He bowed out of meeting Blake’s parents at the party.

Blake’s parents assumed he and Stevie were together, and after their initial attempt to correct them, Blake just let it go. However, Trevor showed up, wanting to be with him, and when Blake introduced him to his parents, he revealed they were engaged! “Stevie’s just a friend, a good friend, but Trevor’s the one I love,” he explained.

(Mark Schafer/CBS)

And with that, Madam Secretary is quickly (and successfully) moving on from the tease of a potential relationship between Blake and Stevie. It’s just in time, too, considering the re-introduction of Dmitri (Chris Petrovski) in “The Strike Zone.” The show is clearly building to a reunion for him and Stevie.

Furthermore, taking this look into Blake’s love life allowed for the best scenes we’ve gotten yet featuring Senator Hanson, as Blake had answers for every one of his questions. He texted Stevie to “butter up Shelton” for one “simple” reason: “He was our ride back.” He did want to “land big game” by taking five additional days off from the campaign: Trevor, not more money. In the end, Hanson dismisses Blake with “Go. Now. Please.”

Going by these last two episodes, establishing Blake and Stevie as such good friends this season was clearly the way to go.

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