Get Ready for Bigger Drama: Meet the ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’

Real Housewives of dallas, bravo
Michael Larsen/Bravo
The Real Housewives of Dallas

Well, it sure took y’all long enough. The Real Housewives franchise has been in business for a full decade, shining a spotlight on places—and their colorful residents—with an outsize appetite for excess. So it’s about time the Lone Star State got its due with The Real Housewives of Dallas. “I’ve always wondered why there hadn’t been a Dallas series yet,” says cast member Stephanie Hollman. “I’ve literally been having this conversation for years!”

Now that Bravo has finally saddled up, the docuseries will zoom in on a handful of feisty, unfiltered women—and while the drama is plenty soapy, there’s not a Ewing look-alike in the bunch. (In lieu of cowboy boots and throwdowns at the ranch, these gals wear Dior and have their dustups over charity luncheons.) Still, Southfork would be proud: In the premiere, the ladies split off into two factions—paving the way for more ten-gallon grudges than you can shake a stick at. Here’s a primer on who’ll lock horns (pictured left to right).

Meet the cast of RHOD in the video below:

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Cary Deuber

The Lowdown: Cary is a mom and RN who assists her plastic surgeon husband. That’s pretty much the only time she isn’t calling the shots: “My husband is totally my wife—he’s my shopper, my chef and my best friend,” Cary says.
Watch For: As the only cast member to sign on without an ally, Cary has to figure out her place within the splintered group. “When I realized everyone’s got their bestie but me, I was like, ‘Aw, hell!’” she says.
Everythings’s Bigger In Texas, Especially…“The boobs! My husband makes his patients look natural, but they are bigger here than in NYC!”

Brandi Redmond

The Lowdown: “I love to laugh, and I’m a goofball,” says the former Dallas
Cowboys cheerleader and married mother of two. “But nothing is out of my comfort zone. I know how to push people’s buttons.”
Watch For: Multiple blowups with LeeAnne. “She has a lot of jealousy toward those of us who are married with beautiful children,” Brandi says. “She tries to be like this force of nature because she’s never really accomplished anything.”
Don’t Mess With Her Because… “Dynamite comes in small packages! Actually, I love people to mess with me.”

Stephanie Hollman

The Lowdown: “I’m a ding-dong. Fart humor is my favorite,” says the stay-at-home mom. Fun fact: Whenever her hubby goes out of town, he leaves a to-do list (e.g., “kill bees”) for her to earn her keep.
Watch For: Lots of laughs with her BFF, Brandi. “We call wine ‘Jesus juice’ so we can feel more Christian when we drink,” she says. But some sobering moments occur when her pal goes on the warpath. “I hate conflict. During Brandi and LeeAnne’s first fight, I thought I was going to s–t my pants.”
Don’t Mess With Her Because… “I can fart on command!”

LeeAnne Locken

The Lowdown: “I have the biggest personality on the show. It’s both a handicap and a blessing,” says LeeAnne, who rubs elbows with society’s upper crust as a full-time volunteer on the charity circuit.
Watch For: An insta-clash with younger castmate Brandi. “I’ve lived 10 lifetimes,” says LeeAnne, 48. “So when someone who’s lived a half of one tries to tell me that I’m wrong? It blew me away!”
Don’t Mess With Her Because… “If you come to me with negative intentions, you better handle whatever I flip back at you. Don’t plate it if you can’t serve it!”

Tiffany Hendra

The Lowdown: The married ex-model and “lifestyle mentor”—she has a YouTube channel—recently moved back to Dallas after years of hard partying in L.A. “Honestly, I should be dead,” Tiffany says of her wild past.
Watch For: Her Aussie husband has doubts about their new home. And while Tiffany is psyched to reunite with her old friend LeeAnne, it doesn’t lead to the easiest wingwoman gig: “The problems start when I defend LeeAnne,” she teases. “Love the doer, not the deed.”
Everythings’s Bigger In Texas, Especially… “The egos. They’re off the chain.”

Real Housewives of Dallas, Series premiere Monday, April 11, 10/9c, Bravo