‘Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin’ Seeks Facts Leading to Justice

Sunny 1
Courtesy of Investigation Discovery

The View cohost and Emmy-winning senior legal correspondent for ABC News, Sunny Hostin, joins Investigation Discovery, in new series, Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin.

Throughout her career, Hostin has dedicated herself to sharing people’s stories on television, but this time is different. During this six-episode series, premiering Tuesday, October 22, she travels to the sites of America’s most perplexing cases, interviewing detectives, prosecutors, coroners, and speaking with victims’ families to piece together the emotions, evidence and, ultimately, truth of the case.

As a former undefeated federal prosecutor, and current victims’ rights advocate, she uses her expertise to connect with investigators and law enforcement and get to the heart of what exactly happened.

With each case, Hostin proves that justice is only really achieved when you uncover the truth. She delves into a case from Santa Ana, CA, where a husband returned home to find his newly pregnant wife murdered with no clues in sight.

Courtesy of Investigation Discovery

Later she goes to Portland, TX, where two best friends disappeared, victims of a kidnapping by a perpetrator with a motive no one could ever anticipate.

Hostin also ventures to the small town of Galien Township, MI, speaking with residents who were thrown into turmoil when a young mother was found murdered in her own home.

And in Powder Springs, GA, Hostin works to unravel the web of inconsistencies and lies that led to a woman being shot execution-style in her kitchen.

Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin, Premiere, Tuesday, October 22, 10/9c, Investigation Discovery