‘SEAL Team’: Should Sonny & Davis Be Worried Ray Knows About Them?

Ignore and Override
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 2 of SEAL Team, “Ignore and Override.”]

Deny, deny, deny. That’s Sonny’s (AJ Buckley) plan when Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) confronts him in Wednesday’s episode of SEAL Team.

“We’re going to be able to navigate these waters just fine,” Sonny assured Davis (Toni Trucks) in the premiere. “We’re Navy. It’s what we do.” But the events of “Ignore and Override” may change that.

While fans were eagerly awaiting Sonny and Davis finally taking that next step last season, they do have to be very careful about who finds out about their relationship — and only two episodes into Season 3, someone’s already caught them. When he checks on her after things don’t go as she’d hoped in the field with the team, she worries that someone will notice things have changed.

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“We are entirely different,” she says. “People are going to see right through it.” He thinks she’s worried for nothing, but little do they know, Ray is eavesdropping and can tell that things are no longer just platonic between them.

And he doesn’t keep what he knows to himself. “How long have you two been playing house behind the team’s back?” Ray asks Sonny later, noting just what Davis had been worried about: their interactions “looked different.” He knows there can be serious consequences for both of them, “not to mention what it could mean for the team.” Sonny continues to deflect, calling his accusations “unfounded.”

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But he does decide to be “mindful” while he and Davis are on the clock, so perhaps that will keep anyone else from picking up on anything, at least right now. They do still have to be concerned about Ray, who clearly doesn’t buy Sonny’s claims that nothing’s going on by how he’s watching the couple at the end of the episode.

Plus, we now have to wonder when Sonny’s going to tell Davis that Ray knows. Let’s just hope that happens sooner rather than later. They have enough going on without the resulting tension and drama that could ensue if it doesn’t.

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And this isn’t a Friends “they don’t know that we know that they know” situation. They’re not just keeping a relationship from their friends as they figure things out or to keep them from butting in. As Ray pointed out, they can get in trouble. It’s against the rules. And the more people who find out, the greater the risk.

Is it worth it? It looks like it is for them.

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