‘All American’ Gets 3 Episodes Added to the Clock for Season 2


Sometimes good things happen to great TV shows. After scoring its best ratings ever with last night’s Season 2 premiere, All American has just been given an additional three-episode order, taking the new season’s count from 13 to 16 episodes.

Picking up shortly after last March’s finale, the L.A.-set football drama saw new state champion Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) grappling torn between two coaches — Beverly Hills High’s Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) and his own dad Corey (Chad Coleman), who has just taken over South Crenshaw’s team.

In addition, there was all sorts of drama involving Spence’s bestie Coop (Bre-Z) as she starts to make moves away from the gang life and into the music scene, as well as domestic issues for the Bakers now that Billy’s past with Spencer’s mom has come to light.

(Art Streiber/The CW)

Clearly, they’re gonna need the extra hours to unfold all of these stories, as well as the new threads that were pulled last night. Seriously, who is that kid Corey met at the bus depot?! And no, we do not trust that sports agent.

Anyway, this is great news for All American fans and TV in general, since those beefy ratings (35 percent higher than the series premiere) prove that sometimes shows just need more time than usual to draw the sort of crowd they deserve.

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