Everything We Learned at the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ New York Comic Con Panel

Michael Gibson/CBS

Madison Square Garden’s huge Hulu Theater resonated with the sound of a standing ovation as Sir Patrick Stewart stepped on stage for New York Comic Con‘s Star Trek: Picard panel on Saturday afternoon.

The packed house was thrilled to be there for both the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 panel as well as for Picard, but there was no doubt that the return of The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard was the high point for the franchise’s fervent fans.

Here are some takeaways for the Discovery portion of the panel.

New Trailer

The shipmates find themselves 930 years in the future. A seeming human tells Michael Burnam (Sonequa Martin-Green). “My hope is you, Commander Burnham.” There’s a ship called Discovery in this future.

Lots of species don’t seem happy to see them.

We can expect a lot of changes for these loved characters.

Green says every character will be evolving and fans are invited along on their “journey.” “We will eventually become who we are supposed to be.”

Both shows will continue the Star Trek mission to hold up a mirror to what we are now

“We are always a beacon of hope,” says executive producer Alex Kurtzman. The treatment of immigrants will definitely be examined.

New actor David Ajala has joined the cast

“He’s Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker and he’ll  have unorthodox interactions with Michael Burnham,” he promises.

Who will be the new captain?

Saru (Doug Jones) has been acting captain twice on the series, but is if Burnham is the new hope, might the job be rightfully hers?  Says Jones, “Will they respect either of us?”

David Ajala as Book (CBS)

Could Pike (Anson Mount) return?

“Maybe…” says Kurtzman, with a teasingly hopeful tone.

Look for the Federation’s most important Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman) to do even more in this future

“She’s stepping into her power,” Wiseman said. “Now’s not the time to wilt or step back. You’ll see even more strength.”

A few more notes

There will a season long arc but also shorter adventures.

The pals will be homesick, and everyone processes it in their own way,” says Wiseman.

We may find out what happened to Calypso.