‘Building Alaska’ Looks Back on 10 Seasons in New Promo (VIDEO)

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Ten seasons of a show is always a big deal, but it’s especially big for one that focuses on the dangerous task of building homes in the unforgiving landscape of Alaska.

In one of the country’s harshest terrains, a group of builders take on the task of constructing houses and other abodes. DIY Network has been following them for years as Building Alaska rings in 10 seasons with the show’s upcoming premiere.

Set to air Sunday, October 6, Building Alaska will bring viewers up close and personal with the intense construction process. TV Insider has your exclusive first look at the action with a new promo which also reflects on the show’s past seasons.

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Frozen landscapes, burning hillsides, predatory animals, and accidents plague the men who take on the task of building these homes. When the cast of characters are sent into the Alaskan wild, they’ll work on three cabins without roads or building supply centers.

Viewers will see them get creative with their process as Season 10 carries on following the upcoming premiere. Don’t miss it or the exclusive promo below.

Building Alaska, Season 10 Premiere, Sunday, October 6, 8/7, DIY Network