‘New Amsterdam’s Anupam Kher on What’s to Come for Kapoor — Will He Retire? (VIDEO)

New Amsterdam kicked off its second season with a devastating blow, and while Max (Ryan Eggold) is the one who lost the most (his wife and mother of his daughter, Georgia), the entire hospital has been affected by his loss.

“When there is such a big tragedy, everybody becomes silent,” Anupam Kher tells TV Insider. “Everybody talks about everything else except for what has happened. Dr. Kapoor’s concern is that Max is not behaving naturally.”

We also saw Kher’s character offer to retire if he couldn’t help a patient in the premiere, but “Kapoor is far away from retiring,” he says.

In fact, there’s something coming up for his character that he wishes he could scream from the rooftops. “I almost fell off the chair” reading the script for Episode 2, he reveals. Fans can also look forward to a later episode for more good Kapoor material.

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'New Amsterdam' EP on Max Losing [Spoiler] & the Crash's Effect on the Survivors

David Schulner also teases Iggy and Reynolds' personal lives and an upcoming cliffhanger in Season 2.

Watch the video above for more from Kher, including the role Max’s loss plays in Kapoor missing India and what to expect from Kapoor and Iggy’s friendship this season.

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