Gary Gulman Speaks Candidly in His HBO Comedy Special ‘The Great Depresh’

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Courtesy of HBO

Premiering Saturday, October 5, on the eve of Mental Illness Awareness Week, comic and actor Gary Gulman launches a 75-minute HBO comedy special, featuring Gulman speaking about mental health issues in a way that is both entertaining and poignant, mixed with short documentary interludes that provide insight into the comedian’s own mental health journey.

Greg Blankenhorn/HBO

Gary Gulmen: The Great Depresh tackles the difficult subject of depression and aiming to destigmatize an issue that affects countless lives through his relatable comedy, Gulman shares that he spent years trying to hide his depression from those closest to him, and details the extensive and sometimes radical treatments he’s undertaken in his journey of getting well.

By talking about his mental health struggles, he hopes to help others feel more comfortable, less afraid and most importantly, less alone.

Greg Blankenhorn/HBO

Gulman also offers his hilarious observations on a number of other topics, including: his admiration for Millennial attitudes toward bullying, masculinity and sports; his love for basketball and why he tried to avoid playing football in high school; menacing TV news theme songs; and how his mother’s voice is always in his head.

Gary Gulmen: The Great Depresh, Premiere, Saturday, October 5, 10/9c, HBO