‘Relentless With Kate Snow’ Follows Everyday Citizens Pursuing Justice

Courtesy of Oxygen Media

Hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist Kate Snow, each episode of Oxygen’s Relentless With Kate Snow will examine stories where everyday citizens tirelessly pursue justice for their loved ones.

Through emotional testimonials and exclusive interviews, the series will showcase ordinary people who go to extremes to identify and catch suspects by any means necessary.

Kate Snow (Photo: Mark Delong/Oxygen)

The series will take viewers on an emotional journey with grieving families as they work tirelessly, often putting their own lives in danger, to find the culprits responsible for the deaths of those they loved most. Their relentless pursuit of justice paired with the opportunity to work alongside law enforcement creates a powerful and dynamic force that won’t rest until due process is served.

From a mother dedicated to putting her son’s killer behind bars after he’s gunned down at a recording studio to a 20-year search for a victim’s killer that was so aggressive it transformed an unsolved, cold case into an active investigation, the series will reveal gripping firsthand accounts from the families who will stop at nothing to get the justice the victims deserve.

Relentless With Kate Snow, Premiere, Friday, October 4, 8/7c, Oxygen