‘Murder for Hire’ Kicks Off a New Season With a Femme Fatale (VIDEO)

Murder for Hire

Ready to delve into the world of contract killings once again?

Dick Wolf’s Murder for Hire returns for a second season on Oxygen, and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at the premiere, which involves a case from August 2009 in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Murder for Hire offers a look into the dark world of contract killings, including cases with devious spouses and jealous relatives who seek to destroy the lives of those closest to them. The series explores how a seemingly good relationship can go wrong and the emotions surrounding the reveal when an intended victim discovers a hit has been taken on their life.

In the premiere, viewers are taken through the sting operation and trials of Dalia Dippolito. The 26-year-old escort became an infamous femme fatale and a media sensation when she was charged with solicitation of the murder of her husband.

As the clip begins, Sergeant Ranzie informs Miss Dippolito of her husband’s death. But after we see her reaction, we go back to five days earlier, as Mohamed Shihadeh speaks with Detective Brown in an interrogation room.

“I knew this girl back from 1999,” Mohamed says. “She calls me on the phone. … She asked if I knew someone who can kill her husband for her.”

Watch the clip below to see what else he reveals about his old friend.

Murder for Hire, Season 2 Premiere, Saturday, October 5, 6/5, Oxygen