Is ‘Pennyworth’ Leaving London in the Season Finale? (VIDEO)

The first season finale of Pennyworth is just days away and it’s looking like our heroic Brit is about to get the hell outta town.

In the above exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode, “Marianne Faithfull,” Alfred (Jack Bannon) finds himself in need of a speedy exit from the U.K. after running afoul of the local police.

With Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) and Dave Boy (Ryan Fletcher) in tow, he seeks out the most logical source of egress: Wealthy CIA operative Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), who himself may be ready to head for the exits with fellow spy, the No-Name League’s Martha Kane (Emma Paetz).

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TV Insider Podcast: Jack Bannon Tells All About That 'Pennyworth' Shocker

In our latest episode, we find out when star Jack Bannon found out that [Spoiler] was being killed off so early in the series.

However, this is not a plan destined for success. Once the gang figures out what is really happening in London now that the Raven Society has triggered its coup, facts come out that change everyone’s plans… and the future of Britain itself.

Check out the clip above and tune in for the finale on Sunday!

Pennyworth, Season 1 Finale, Sunday, September 29, 9/8c, EPIX