TV Insider Podcast: Jack Bannon Tells All About That ‘Pennyworth’ Shocker


[Spoiler alert to only listen to the podcast if you have already watched the August 11 episode of Pennyworth, “Lady Penelope.” MAJOR spoilers will be discussed.]

Who knew a huge shocker would come so early in the run on of the EPIX drama, Pennyworth?

Pennyworth fans were dealt a serious blow last weekend when the stylish espionage drama about the early years of Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon), went and wrote off a certain character we won’t spoil here.

Given that the show is set nowhere near the comic-book universe Alfred winds up in, we’re pretty sure this death is permanent, and according to Bannon, it’s definitely going to change things for the young Brit.

Our Damian Holbrook recently sat down with Bannon for our latest TV Insider Podcast to discuss Alfred’s adventures so far, how he and the cast learned about this shocking twist, and what viewers can expect as the EPIX series moves into the second half of its freshman season.

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