‘The Good Place’ Premiere: Eleanor & Michael Welcome a New Neighbor (VIDEO)

the good place sneak leak

The Good Place returns this week on NBC, but fans are being treated to a sneak peek clip (or as the show refers to, a sneak leak) from the final season premiere.

As viewers will recall, Michael’s (Ted Danson) neighborhood experiment was restarted to prove that people can improve themselves if given the opportunity. And while you’ll have to wait to see what happens when a mind-erased Chidi (William Jackson Harper) enters the mix, there are other members of the neighborhood taking part in the experiment.

In this clip from the premiere, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and Michael meet Linda — an older woman who is seemingly mild-mannered. Stepping in as the architect, Eleanor leads the introductions as she sits behind the desk.

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The September 26 premiere marks the beginning of the end for this beloved comedy.

When Eleanor announces to Linda that she’s in the Good Place, her response is simply, “That’s nice.” The short answer is strikingly odd and doesn’t go unnoticed by Michael and Eleanor, who really try to drive home how awesome it is to be in the Good Place.

“That’s nice,” the monotone Linda says once again when Michael says she’s in paradise, “I like that.”

Next, the three of them go for a walk around the neighborhood, and Michael and Eleanor introduce her to Janet (D’Arcy Carden). Watch hilarity ensue as Janet’s powers are presented to the new neighbor in the preview below.

The Good Place, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 9/8c, NBC