7 Questions We Need Answered in 'The Good Place' Season 4 (PHOTOS)

Emily Hannemann

After three seasons of ethics lessons, demonic laughter, several varieties of Janets and foods ranging from froyo to chowder bubbling in a fountain, the September 26 Season 4 premiere marks the beginning of the end for NBC’s beloved comedy The Good Place.

The next 14 episodes will undoubtedly be filled with huge plot twists, questions with no good solutions and laugh-until-you-cry jokes. We’re sad to see this truly spectacular comedy go, but there are some questions we’re really hoping to see answered before we bid Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason and Michael farewell.

Here are seven things we’re pondering as we wait to watch “A Dirtbag from Arizona, Part One and Two.”

The Good Place, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 9/8c, NBC