Drew Drechsel’s 8 Best ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Runs (VIDEO)

American Ninja Warrior - season 11
David Becker/NBC

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 11 finale of American Ninja Warrior.]

The Real Life Ninja is Season 11’s American Ninja Warrior.

Drew Drechsel became the second competitor to claim the title and take home the $1 million prize after conquering the four stages of the 2019 National Finals. As always, he put on a show of speed, skill, and pure entertainment along the way.

To celebrate his victory, we’re taking a look back at some of his more memorable runs.

'American Ninja Warrior': And the Winner of Season 11 Is...See Also

'American Ninja Warrior': And the Winner of Season 11 Is...

A record 21 ninjas made it to Stage 3, but only one claimed the title and $1 million prize.

2016 Atlanta Qualifiers

Drechsel has a tendency to go fast on the course, especially during qualifying rounds, and he completed this one 10 seconds faster than anyone else.

2017 USA vs. the World Stage 3


Not only did Drechsel beat Stage 3 — which he hadn’t been able to do in the regular season to that point — but he also led Team USA to victory in the special event.

2017 Daytona Beach Qualifiers

He completed the course in just over a minute and more than 30 seconds faster than anyone else.

2017 Daytona Beach City Finals

He was the last person to take on that course and the only person to finish it.

2018 National Finals Stage 2

He made a great save on Deja Vu and conquered the obstacle that took him out the previous year (Wingnut Alley).

2018 National Finals Stage 3

He was the Last Ninja Standing and took home $100,000 for going the farthest the fastest.

2019 National Finals Stage 3

Drechsel was the first to finish Stage 3 in Season 11, including making it past the obstacle he fell on in 2018 (Ultimate Cliffhanger).

2019 National Finals Stage 4

It was a race against the clock to the top, and he hit the buzzer in just over 27 seconds. When Gil failed to reach the top in the allotted time, Drechsel became the new American Ninja Warrior and claimed the $1 million prize.