‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ Rick Grimes & CRM: How It All Might Be Connected

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It has been a very, very slow season of Fear The Walking Dead.

What has happened so far? The group has crashed a plane, rebuilt a plane, and then ambled around looking for a new home. Sure, a few smaller things have happened—Alicia found some painted trees, Logan was vaguely villainous and then died, etc.—but it’s not much when compared to the deliberate pacing and action on the main show.

All of that said, this season did offer one of the more interesting plot threads the show has put forward since it changed hands in Season 4: CRM. These futuristic-looking folks are thoroughly dedicated to their mysterious vision (and confirmed to not be the Commonwealth), and they’ve got some pretty cool technology to boot. But outside of Althea’s bottle episode, we haven’t heard much from the organization that took Rick Grimes.

In the next three episodes of Fear, that might change. Could this new group of villains be part of CRM? Let’s explore the possibility.

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Getting From Yesterday to Tomorrow

The Pioneers, if that’s what the show is calling them, are using pretty similar language to CRM. They’re talking about today and tomorrow in the same way Isabelle once did. Now, no group has a post-apocalyptic monopoly on talking about the future. But the Pioneers’ language is weirdly specific to the point where it’s reasonable to wonder if it was learned… maybe from a larger group that they’re working for.

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Speaking of large groups, that’s another potential tie between the Pioneers and CRM. The Pioneers have mentioned that they have large outposts and settlements. If not the Commonwealth, who else should fans be reminded of? Between their dedication to the future and their admission that they have tons of followers, not to mention their focus on securing resources, it’s possible they’re at least affiliated with CRM.

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It Just Makes Sense

From a narrative point of view, it’s only logical for Morgan and his group to meet up with, or be taken in by, CRM. Al clearly hasn’t let go of the story. And more importantly, half the cast of main characters were exposed to the nuclear plant and theoretically have radiation poisoning (unless the show drops that plot thread, in which case they’re fine.)

Even Alexandria and Hilltop couldn’t provide the kind of assistance the group will need if they start showing symptoms. They’ll require help from a group with advanced technology—a group like CRM. Even if Grace dies before Season 6 and Morgan goes back to “Clear!” mode, the rest of his pals are still going to need a way to treat their condition, and CRM, via the Pioneers or otherwise, might provide that.

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Another Group

Alicia’s new pal, the woman who Wes saved in the gas station, could be the show’s link to CRM if the Pioneers don’t pan out. Assuming she was talking about a different group that was after her, it’s possible this girl is a CRM defector. Isabelle mentioned to Al that she wouldn’t want to go to the organization’s headquarters, and she was definitely afraid of them sending a “reclamation team.” Who’s to say that team won’t show up for this girl at the end of the season?

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That, then, might put Fear into a bit of a storytelling bind. Either they’d have to deal with the Pioneers in the next few episodes and then focus all of Season 6 on CRM, or they move forward with two very distinct villains, which could get tiresome.

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Time for Rick Grimes?

CRM is far more interesting than the Pioneers, and they have Rick Grimes. With no news on the movie front for months, other than that they’ll eventually be released in theaters, it’d be nice to have something tie into the whereabouts of TWD’s former leading man. AMC, and FTWD, could stoke that fan interest by tying the spinoff show to Rick—and it might just give Morgan something to do, besides running around Texas and helping people. Bonus points if Madison Clark is still alive and is tied to, or even leading, CRM. Fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath on that, though.

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