Alicia Clark’s 12 Best Moments on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ (PHOTOS)

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Living it up in the abandoned mansion

Who wouldn’t want to explore a giant LA mansion at the end of the world? Their neighborhood left in quarantine, Alicia and Chris discover a huge abandoned home and have an elaborate, two-person party complete with champagne, sparkly dresses and plenty of destruction.

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Post-apocalyptic tattoo artist

Heartbroken about her boyfriend’s fate, Alicia used the ink in her neighbor’s home to permanently mark the design he’d drawn on her arm. Throughout the show, the tattoo is visible in certain episodes: A reminder of how deeply Alicia Clark cares for those she loves.

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Fighting on the beach

Though the truly badass reveal might’ve gone to Nick, who showed up covered in walker guts in this scene, this was one of the first times we’d seen Alicia truly fight. She proved her worth in battle against the undead, and it became clear she could defend herself and her family well.

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Jumping off a boat

While early Season 2 wasn’t exactly Alicia at her best, it culminated in a truly jaw-dropping moment for the youngest Clark. The only way for Alicia to return to her family was for her to jump off the ship and land in the water. Concrete in her convictions, she tells Jack that her family came back for her and—quite literally—she takes the plunge.

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Figuring out how to save everyone at the hotel

Not all achievements have to be in fighting! It was Alicia’s quick thinking that made everyone able to survive at the hotel for a time… or at least, saved them from a nasty death by walkers. It’s no surprise she was meant to go to Berkeley before the world ended!

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“Praise Jesus”

Even though she’d been through so much, Alicia was still a teenager — and she wanted to be a teenager with the “Bible study” group at the ranch. There wasn’t much worshipping Jesus at the underground, drug-fueled meeting that featured a walker head named Jeff, but it did offer one of Alicia’s most profound and chilling moments on the series. When Alicia tells the group she’s killed a man, they ask her how it felt. “Easy,” she responds.

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The moral compass

If it’s true that the original plan for FTWD involved the characters (or at least Madison) becoming villains, it’s not likely Alicia would’ve gone down that path. Her horror at the revelation that Nick and Madison knew Troy killed the Trimbols was deep and passionate, and she tells off her mother and storms out. Alicia was easily the most concerned with right and wrong of the Clarks, and it showed in this scene.

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This land is your land

Yes, this episode also featured Nick and Troy; It wouldn’t be accurate to call it an Alicia bottle episode. But it would be accurate to call it a love letter to Alicia’s development throughout the first three seasons of the show. In This Land is Your Land Alicia shows her selflessness, her empathy, her smarts, her bravery, her fighting skills and, most of all, that she’s got what it takes to lead.

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The new nurse

After striking out on her own, Alicia winds up as a nurse for the Proctors and ends up assisting during surgery for their soft-spoken-but-terrifying leader. She doesn’t even flinch throughout the removal of a tumor from his spine. She’s not afraid of these men, and later in the season, she even negotiates with them to let her family go instead of killing them at the dam.

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The power of forgiveness

Many thought Alicia might pull the trigger when she and Charlie were standing in the flooding basement and she had a gun to the head of the girl who killed Nick. Instead, Alicia opted to let her live, again demonstrating her capacity for leadership and forgiveness.

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Honoring her mom

Although their relationship had its rough patches, Alicia’s determination to keep alive her mom’s philosophy of saving people has been heartwarming. Alicia’s constantly thinking about how she can pay tribute to the woman who sacrificed everything for her, and when she gets upset in the first episode of Season 5, it’s because she doesn’t feel she’s doing well enough. Though the Clarks were a complicated family, it’s clear Alicia loved her mom.

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Following her lead

It seems Morgan’s still the leader of the group in Season 5, but Alicia’s the one who coordinated their battle strategy (even if those plans didn’t end up being used. Oh, well). Her showing up in the nick of time to save the two brothers was a jaw-dropping moment. Hopefully, Season 5 will show more of the group being willing to accept her as a figure of leadership.

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[Warning: The below contains spoilers for the Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead.]

Over four seasons of Fear The Walking Dead, Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has been many things: a daughter who loved her mother, but deeply disagreed with her survival philosophies; a sister who was tired of taking second place to her brother, but also cherished being able to spend time with him when the end of the world brought him back into her life; a leader to Brokejaw Ranch, and a friend to Strand and Ofelia and Luciana.

Who is Alicia now?

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In making her the last of the Clarks, Fear has made a definitive statement about Alicia’s survival abilities, her toughness and her capacity to make decisions for not only herself, but those following her. Although it’s likely Morgan will remain the group’s leader, through her journey from frightened teenager to hardened warrior, Alicia deserves the title just as much.

Here are 12 moments that emphasize how happy we are Alicia’s still around.

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